Experts at your service

At Maine Plastiques you will find professional teams of specialists who can help make your custom-designed profile projects a reality.

Coordination and teamwork are the key words for a successful project! 

At Maine Plastiques we have:  

  • A sales team
  • An engineering department
  • A R&D department
  • A logistics department
  • A customer service department
  • An accounting department
  • A production team

Harnessing the benefits of teamwork through a range of training/refresher courses and ongoing learning of new work techniques form part of the company’s driving forces.

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    13 Rue du Pas
    BP 7
    F-53300 Ambrières les Vallées
    Tél : +33 2 43 30 15 70
    Fax : +33 2 43 30 15 99

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