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Maine Plastiques, the thermoplastic profile specialist

Maine Plastiques, a brand of the MAINE Group, has been specialising for nearly 60 years in the custom manufacture of thermoplastic technical profiles for the subcontracting market. Maine Plastiques operates across a number of activity sectors, and adapts to the demands of each market by innovating both in terms of materials and techniques as well as the services provided.


Maine Plastiques has a whole range of thermoplastic materials available
(PVC, ABS, PC, PMMA, PP, PE, PA , etc.), with specific properties, depending on your project.

Our custom-design department can provide you with the equipment and teams from our assembly workshops, for additional operations and ready-to-use profiles



- Elasticity, enabling extensive versatility of use
- Thermal insulation
- UV resistance
- Shock and wear resistance
- Transparency, light diffusion
- Heat resistance
- Burning behaviour
- Acoustics
- Recyclable and recoverable, with a positive impact on the carbon footprint


Our additional operations, in line and off line:

- Custom-design of your profile (decorative film, adhesive tape, protective film, insertion joint, embossing, etc.)
- Co-extrusion or post-extrusion of multiple materials
- Machining (milling, notching, punching, piercing, etc.)
- Traceability by marking
- Precision cutting
- Customised packaging
- Preparation of ready-to-use assemblies or sub-assemblies of profiles, which can be pre-assembled

Extrudeuse Maine Plastiques
Extrudeuse Maine Plastiques
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